Movie Screening

On February 14-17 Plaza Indonesia Extension will hold a film screening with stories consist of human’s LOVE, LIVE, LIFE, which to be this year’s theme of Plaza Indonesia Film Festival. Featuring exclusive screening and recent award winning movies from Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival 2018, Hongkong International Film Festival 2018, Venice Film Festival 2018, to Festival Film Indonesia 2018. Prior to the film programme there will be line up’s of Ave Maryam, Cold War, 27 Steps of May, Shoplifters. Memories of My Body, Chapernaum, The Tailor, and short movie compilation screenings.

Movie Clinic

Our philosophy is to blend the creative, vibrant ideas of the young generation with the expertise of the best in cinema, art, music, to content creator in order to sharing their expertise of the industry with the line ups: Content creator Allan Wangsa, Motion Artist Andre Sugianto, Aditya Prabaswara, acting clinic from Ayu laksmi, music director Mondo Gascaro, and Motion Artist Pijaru.